Terms and Conditions

  1. The amount agreed upon covers the editor’s time, talent, proofing and editing. It also cannot be changed or altered by any means.

  2. 3DNC will choose the best shots from the footage provided. 3DNC will edit the footage given under his creativity following the Client's preferences, but not involve the clients in the process of editing. 3DNC spends a great deal of time going through each clip individually. Please rest assured that 3DNC will only show you the BEST of the BEST and any clip that are unappealing (i.e. unflattering facial expressions and most definitely, any images that do not meet 3DNC’s high professional standards) will get deleted immediately.

  3. 3DNC can use the final edit for promotions in Social Media.

  4. The Final Edit will be displayed and ready to download in Google Drive within 1 week maximum of getting the footage.

  5. The full amount of selected package must be paid no later than one week before the Editing Process. 

  6. Payment must be made 100% at the beginning.

  7. Payment may be done through Zelle ( / 786-343-3775), in cash, or check.


Submitted, thank you!